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The Renovation and lmprovement Scheme for 21000 Residential Units in the Villages of Hamedan Province

The Renovation and lmprovement Scheme for 21000 Residential Units in the Villages of Hamedan Province


                                  The director general for the lslamic Revolution Housing Foundation Department in Hamedan announced today: 21000 residential units have been renovated and improved in the rural areas so far. During the Fajr Decade, some construction projects will be launched in some counties of the province and 518 residential units will be put into operation in the villages of 10 counties with a credit of 33 billion and 152 million lranian currency. The projects of rural passages will be completed with a cost of 11 billion and 181 million tomans. The improvement operation of Phase One has already begun in 707 rural areas of the province, out of 921 villages of over 20 households 361 villages


have experienced their improvement procedure completed and 346 villages are in the process of completing their improvement. 12 projects of rural improvement and renovation will be picked with a financial credit of more than 7 billion and 315 million tomans during the Fajr Decade. All contractors of the projects have already been identified. 30% tar has been allocated to the province in 2020 and based on the credits of the four last years, 2016 to 2019, 499 villages have received their allocted tars and 604 tar remittances have been issued. More than 458 kilometers of the rural passageways have been asphalted in 2020 whereas the highest figure of asphalting shows some 179 pathways of the villages in 2019. The total areas of the asphalted passageways is 3599000 square meters where more than 495000 tonnes of tar have been exploited. The total construction credits for 2020 include 93 billion and 693 million tomans delivered by an official notice so far. 50 billion tomans of the credits have been allocated to the completion of 331 constructional projects. In addition to the renovation operations, a major measure entitled as the Improvement of the Villages has been taken in 2020 which is to be put in the agenda in 2021.


The total number of the renovated and improved units has been 21000 residential units. Steps have been taken to provide the villagers with grants and non-repayable loans. Based on the loan facilities, a significant jump had been displayed in the index of reconstructing and remodeling of the rural housing level in the province. 2337 residential units have been put into opetation, the contracts of building 7806 units have been signed and the department makes an attempt to complete 999 residential units by June in 2021. The renovation index reveals the figure of 54% in the province while the nationwide figure shows 44% in the country. The authorities of the province hope to hit the figure of 70% in the coming days. According to the annual statistic, the figure is expectef to be 2.5% while it is 10% in Hamedan province. With the Divine Grace, the provincial officials expect to carry out the task  even sooner.

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