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The Operation of the Biggest Plant Processing Horticultural and Garden Crops in Marivan

The Operation of the Biggest Plant Processing Horticultural and Garden Crops in Marivan

اختصاصی سپهرغرب؛ The manager for the agricultural industry affairs in Jihad-Agricultural Organization of Kurdestan Province declared: The largest factory of processing horticultural and garden products with a capacity of 80000 tonnes is ready to operate in Marivan

The opening ceremony of its first phase has been postponed due to the outbreak of coronavirus in the country.

With regard to the fact that roughly 30% of the gross production pertains to the agricultural sector in the province, the highest rate of employment also belongs to the agricultural domain.

Thus, the expansion of the transformation industries as the last chain and complement of agricultural srctor is of highly special significance.

With the financial support provided by thebJihad-Agriculture Organization in the province, some appropriate plannings have been sketched to establish crop transformation industries since the past few years.

We greatly pursue the enterprise of issuing permissory certificates for the construction of crop cold storages and warehouses in the plains of Qorveh and Dehgolan.

One of the crops raised in the area is potato which every cultivator was forced to supply the market with in the peak of harvesting season at the lowest price quickly over the past few years because they were deprived of having cold storage and warehouse facilities.

The low price presentation of the crops led to the farmers'losses in the province. Nowadays, by  erecting a couple of crop cold stirages in the area, we have created crop price equilibriums; therefore, a crop cultivator and activists in crop production are able to store their potatoes and gradually supply the market with their crop during a year.

Whenever they find good opportunities and grounds, they will export their products with optimal prices. Owing to the fact that 320000 tonnes of potatoes and about 280000 up to 300000 tonnes of horticultural crops are being raised annually in Kurdestan Province, we need some cold storehouses with a capacity of holding at least

200000 up to 250000 tonnes of crops, yet we have been able to issue the exploitation liscenses for a few warehouses and cold storages with a capacity of 57000 up to 60000 tonnes so far.

We ought to acknowledge that we are highly far away from obtaining the required capacities; however, we have taken some good measures in this regard. Hopefully, we make the bed for receiving and allocating special finances to the province yearly budget so that we can support the cultivators and applicants for storage  facilities in the province.

Luckily, the factory contains three phases of producing various kinds of fruit juice, malt extract, malting, concentrate and puree lines.

We hope to operationalize its first phase as soon as the conditions for production and activities are normalized and the outbreak of coronavirus is controlled and well-managed.

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