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Iran: US should learn from 1980 Tabas event

Iran: US should learn from 1980 Tabas event

The US should think deeply about the results of the happening and also about its four-decade-long animosity against the resistant Iranian nation, said the statement released on Tuesday evening.

The day of April 25, 1980, reminds the US forces of their violation of the territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic of Iran and their illegal entry to Tabas in the eastern Iranian province of South Khorasan, the statement said, adding that fortunately, the aggressive measure taught the US a bitter lesson as its forces faced a salutary failure during their 1980 operation in Iran’s Tabas.

Despite all the threats and sanctions from the United States over the years, the Islamic Republic of Iran continues deepening of relations and friendly cooperation with the world nations and expansion of its foreign relations with various states and international bodies based on mutual respect and preservation of joint interests, according to the statement.

In April 1980, the US forces entered Tabas in South Khorasan Province to free the American hostages but were taken off-guard at night by dust and sand.

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