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The Worldwide Registeration of Sanandaj as the Creative City of Music

The Worldwide Registeration of Sanandaj as the Creative City of Music

The mayor of Sanabdaj said to the reporters,"Sanandaj was globally registered as the creative city of music in lran."


In an interview with the Sepehr-e-Gharb reporter, Mr. Heshmatollah Seidi declared,"This morning, the UNESCO office published the names of the cities which join to the creative network of music.

 Based on the announcement, Sanandaj was internationally registered as the creative city of music in lran."

He further added,"The Kurdistan province has always been the birthplace of some famous artists whose reputations have reached beyond the borders of the lslamic lran. Music is one of the most favorite arts in the province where the popular artists engage in the field actively."                                  The mayor confirmed that one of the projects in his municipal office and the city council of the time was to pursue the global registeration of Sanandaj as the creative city of music. To do so , a special workgroup was formed, the artists and craftmen were asked to popularize their views and Dr. Asad Ardelan, in patticular, designed the proposal of the project and reported it to the UNESCO office in France.

He continued his talk," A site was established both in Persian and English so as to monitor the cultural projects in the network where artistic activities were uploaded."

It was decided when UNESCO named the cities which had the potential to join to the network of the creative cities in November, Sanandaj would be registered as the creative city of music in lran.                                          The mayor called the event as one of the most important cultural developments in the country and stated," The incident will undoubtedly affect the cuktural infrastructures and boost the tourist attraction."

Mr. Seidi appreciated the governer general, his deputies, governer, city council members, cultural institutions and all artists who painstakingly helped the city hall to register the cultural event during the past year.

Finally,  he remarked,"l hope we will altogether take significant steps to develop and flourish the artistic and cultural activities particularly in the field of music.

It is worth mentioning that, so far, lsfahan has been registered as the creative city of handicrafts and Rasht has been announced as the creative city of food in lran.


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