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Name of Persian Gulf unchangeably registered by WIPO: Official

Name of Persian Gulf unchangeably registered by WIPO: Official

Mehdi Mirsalehi, the former director general of the Industrial Property Protection Office of the Ministry of Industry Mines and Commerce, told IRNA on Tuesday that following constant follow-ups by the office the name “Pearl of Persian Gulf” was registered according to the Lisbon Treaty at the World Intellectual Property Organization, which is one of the affiliated organizations of the United Nations, on June 19, 2018.

The process of issuance of the internationally-recognized registration took around two years, he said, noting that first it was nationally inscribed by the Intellectual Property Center of the Organization of Registration of Documents and Real Estate of Iran, then a complete case, including an expert report, geographical map, and historical documents, was sent to the WIPO, whose headquarters is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

The member states of the WIPO reviewed all legal aspects and documents, then, they reached the conclusion to register the name Persian Gulf with the prefix of Pearl (Morvarid in Persian) on June 19, 2018, the official said.

The document of the registration of the Pearl of Persian Gulf is available on the official website address of WIPO and people from around the globe can watch the document, he added.

Hence, any country, government, or organization cannot use another name for the Pearl of Persian Gulf, Mirsalehi warned.

According to the official, the Islamic Republic of Iran has succeeded in internationally registering around 60 Iranian products such as stone from Mahallat, saffron from Ghaenat, gaz from Isfahan, fig from Estahban, and so on.

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