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Exporting 200 tons of Frozen Chicken Meat to Kurdistan Region in Iraq

Exporting 200 tons of Frozen Chicken Meat to Kurdistan Region in Iraq

اختصاصی سپهر غرب؛ The director general of Livestock Affairs Support office in Kurdistan Province announced: 200 tons of frozen chicken meat were exported into the Kurdistan Region from Kurdistan Province of Iran.

The aboard export of frozen chicken meat produced in Kurdistan hit 200 tons in April of 2020. Currently, the two slaughterhouses of Dehgolan and Bane have taken measures of producing chicken meat in their relevant chicken farms and exporting it abroad.

A hundred more tons of the commodity are to receive the legal export licenses. Our directorate-general is in its full struggle, as a part of Jihad-Agriculture Organization, to pave the ways for exporting the produced chicken meat.

The shipments of the exporting frozen chicken meat in the province are transported into the Iraqi territory through the Bashmakh Border Crossing after meeting the codes of legal and health procedures.

At present, we witness low prices of the chicken in Iran due to the decrease of the consumption demand; therefore, if we export it into the neighbouring countries such as Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, we may as well prevent the decrease in domestic production and the poultrymen's further losses.

At the moment, 766 poultry farms enjoy having legal licenses and they are busy to raise and produce chickens in Kurdistan Province.

Of 766 chicken farms, 742 units raise meat-producing chickens, 8 units breed egg-laying chickens and 16 units present their dual-purpose broilers to the market

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